New Work!

While unpacking after our move into our new house, I came across a bunch of unfinished paintings that I had started years ago.  After my baby went to sleep the other night, I spent a few hours working on one of them– my first large format painting I have been able to work on in over a year and a half!!


I think I had originally been gearing this one towards some kind of kitschy rodeo theme, (there is a bucking bronco in the lower right corner) but I brought it all together with some of the elements that I love working with–decorative flowers and just generally bright colored shapes, patterns and lines.

Here it is in our beautiful new living room.  I will post soon about the house we just moved into which my husband completely remodeled.  The best part about this room (and all the rooms in the house) is the indirect lighting.  The lights are hidden behind panels of wood that was salvaged from the old roof, cool huh!?:

By the way, those chairs are covered in some custom made slip covers using a freaking amazing fabric called Echino Damask.  Check out this close up (in the black and white version, c0uldn’t find a good shot of the blue on line).  At first you think it is just a standard damask print, but on closer inspection you can see it’s filled with animals and even skulls!


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