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Working up a Bhangra Sweat

I modified my elephants and incorporated them into this custom T-shirt design for my friend’s pre-wedding 5K.  I know what you’re thinking: who asks their friends to run a 5K as part of their wedding festivities?  I mean please, their wedding party could at least have run a 10K!! When I got married, I had a pre-wedding Iron Man.  I swear, some people are so lazy!

Congrats Ayesha and Shariq!




Just in time for Easter: the EGG blog and website!!   (get it…Easter…eggs…)  EGG stands for Equitable Green Group; it’s the name of the totally bad-ass company my husband started recently.  He does green building and basically knows how to refurbish/build/reconstruct houses in ways that actually make sense and are worthy of the human race at this point in time.  I mean, for real, why isn’t all building right now using green technologies to save resources and support a sustainable future?

I proudly designed his logo–although the griffin was his idea:

EGG logo!!

The griffin is a mix between the king of the air (the eagle) and the king of the land (the lion) and represents a harmony between earthly and spiritual elements.   The “earthly” side of the company could be considered just the construction of homes and businesses in an environmentally friendly way.  The “spiritual” side of this logo, however,  is it’s mission to bring justice and equity to the green movement.  This was really one of the main things that motivated Nick to start his company:  his desire to bring the green movement to more communities through job training.

The green building movement is still something of a niche movement.  The groups with whom it has become trendy and who can afford the super fancy renovations (and who thus get the tax benefits from implementing them) tend to be, in the US, disproportionately mid-upper class and white.  Nick’s hope is to do his part in bringing practical skills training to demographics who also could benefit from these new technologies.

Activist and writer Van Jones elaborates on the subject really well–basically he points out the obvious:  In the US we face massive socioeconomic inequality and a pending environmental catastrophe.  We could tackle both issues through what Jones calls “The Green Collar Economy”: creating economic development through green jobs.  The thrust of the movement is inclusivity: the idea that ALL people regardless of race and class should benefit from these brilliant new technologies.  His book is really worth reading–check it out here.

A lot of this visionary thinking and activism is still taking place at the grassroots level right now, and EGG is hoping that in some small way it can contribute to this movement of green job creation in disadvantaged areas.  You can see the EGG website here and the EGG blog here.

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