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My Art at Sanctuary!

I am happy to announce that my prints, greeting cards, and jewelry racks are now for sale at Sanctuary, a home bath and garden store in Austin Tx!  I had heard about Sanctuary shortly after I moved to Austin but it took me while to get there; it is located quite far from where I live, on Bee Caves road in the southwest part of Austin.  When I finally made it there, I fell in love.  This store is soooo absolutely cute.  They have a wonderful selection of work from local artists too– what better reason to shop there!


A selection of my greeting cards available at Sanctuary! They are printed on 100% recycled paper with low VOC soy based inks!

Sanctuary Bed Bath and Body Store in Austin TX!



This past weekend I had a booth at the Etsy Austin Craftriot!  It was a really successful event and I met a ton of interesting and cool people there.  I think these kinds of events are sooo much better than holiday shopping at the mall or in regular stores–you get to meet the creative people behind the products and also support the local economy.  Even though box stores like Target sometimes have comparable items  like cool graphic tees or well designed jewelry, I would much rather buy that stuff from a local artist who is following their dream by founding their own business.  Plus there is always a ton of stuff that you would never find in most stores anyway.   I wish I took more pics of some of the outstanding booths I saw but I did at least catch one of Baby Bolt’s booth (“Baby Bolt: Striking Kids Wear”–so clever!) who has the cutest and most badass clothes for kids:

I also really enjoyed meeting Tara from Fifty Acorns,  Jasmine from the Jasmine Gallery, and many other vendors who I got to chat with during the event!

My booth!

Close up of one of my hand made ornaments!

Trip the Light Fantastic 1 & 2

Part of my show up at Thunderbird cafe for the month of October:

Art Opening at Thunderbird Cafe!

Thanks to everyone who came through my art opening this past Saturday night at the Thunderbird cafe in Austin, Texas!  I had a great time and was so psyched to see all the wonderful faces who showed up to check out my new collection!  Also a special shout out to DJ Lo Dogz, who kept the party going with his dope musical selection.  If you missed out, you can see some of my new work posted on my website here!

Here are a few pics of the event.  My art will be up for the entire month of October so if you are in the area, drop by!

Me and my biggest fan

Thanks for coming, ya'll!

Some of the kids from 02 Youth showed up--you guys rule!

My old friend Adriana: a stylish socialite

Mad love to all the pregnant ladies and moms who were able to make it out of the house...I know how hard it is!

Here's hoping a little art will make the studying a bit more bearable...

02 Youth Represent!

For the past few months, me and a small group of friends have been facilitating the “02 Youth Group.”  A group of pre-teens and teens come faithfully to my friend Mandi’s house every Sunday, and we do different activities with them each week.  You can learn more about the youth and what we do at the 02 Youth blog HERE!!  This past weekend we had a fundraiser where we sold some crafts that the youth had made at a local farmers market.  It was a total blast and their hard work paid off–they raised over $100 for an elementary school in Uganda sponsored by True Action!

Looking official in matching aprons

Lil' Kay Kay just before getting on stage to rap

02 Youth!

Back in Action!

I haven’t posted on this blog in weeks because I have been busy with the new man in my life:  Kazimir!!!  He was born June 11th and he is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on.

Kaz circa 3 weeks

Kazimir’s current favorite activities are: sucking his hand, lifting his head up like a little turtle, making funny little gritching noises, and flailing his arms around while lying on his mat.  He also rooted for the Netherlands in the recent world cup, but he was still happy to see Spain win, because they are all right too.


please note the soccer themed socks

The name “Kazimir” is derived in part from Nick’s great x3 grandpa’s name: Casimirious.  It is a Slavic name that means “Enforcer of Peace.” Pretty much no one has ever heard this name unless they live in Chicago, where the legendary “Casimir Pulaski” made his mark.  There is a Pulaski street in Chicago, several buildings and stores with the name, and also Casimir Pulaski day, which no one knows anything about except that they get school off.  It turns out ol’ Casimir Pulaski is famous because he saved the life of George Washington–maybe you’ve heard of him.  So as you can see, our little Kazimir is walking in the path of heroes.  Or, at least, one hero–who no one has ever heard of except some old Polish man who sells hot dogs at Wrigley Field.  We changed the spelling of the name to reference Siyyid Kazim, a historic figure in the Baha’i Faith who encouraged his students to independently investigate truth.

Anyone who has had a baby (particularly women) know that it is the end of sleep as you know it, so I am not  making any promises of regular blog updates as of yet.  Maybe I will rename the blog “Kazimir’s Korner” and just post thousands of pics of him in cute outfits and poses.  hmmmm….

I Heart JR

JR is one of my favorite contemporary artists.  I think his work is endlessly inspiring–not only is it super visually stunning but it is socially relevant.  JR’s trademark style is to paste larger than life photos of everyday people in unexpected public places.  In one of his most famous projects, he posted pictures of local residents across a favela in Brazil, giving the impression that the poor people living in this area were looking out at the rest of city, and also probably drawing attention from the rest of the city to the marginalized population living there.

In another project, he traveled across Sierra Leone, Liberia, Southern Sudan and Kenya, documenting the lives of courageous women he found living in those places.  He then pasted their photos not only on building fronts, but also train cars and rooftops.

His latest project, Face2face, takes on the Israel/Palestinian divide.  He took photos of folks from both sides making absurd facial expressions, and he posted them side by side in both Israel and the Palestinian territories.

I love his work because I feel like it is really humanizing.  I also think it is so important that this kind of work is in the public sphere…it just wouldn’t be the same if he had these photos hanging in some museum somewhere.  On the street they live and breathe and open up a dialog amongst everyone who sees them, not just the few who might enter a fine art gallery.

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